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What is an SEO plugin?A SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) WordPress plugin is an add on that can improve the features of WordPress in order to create benefits, these features are boundless and vast. The hard part is picking one and knowing which ones can help you the most.

The aim of plugins are to ultimately help optimise your website and to indirectly rank better on the search engine. Without plugins this optimisation process is less likely to be achieved. It should be stressed though that although plugin’s are extremely helpful there is much more to SEO. Plugins will not and do not complete the process…that’s down to you! Using the correct plugins may help optimise SEO success but is does not by any means guarantee it.


definition of a SEO plugin





The 7 plugin’s that will be under scrutiny are: All in One SEO Yoast, Platinum SEO Pack, SEO Ultimate, SEO Press, WP Meta SEO and SEO Squirrly.


All In One SEO: all in one seo plugin logo

An overview of All In One SEO…

This plugin is known as one of the most widely used in the industry. Why you might ask…?



✓ You don’t need to be a SEO genius to use it! All In One SEO offers support that will give you a helping hand.

✓ It is clearly laid out thus allowing a pleasant user experience that allows content to be changed with little hassle.

✓  All In One SEO is the only free plugin that providers SEO Integration for e-commerce sites meanings it gives you compatibility to have the some features for e-commerce, this is a stand out feature.

✓ Although the free version does have some beneficial features the premium version of All In One SEO has more to offer… including social settings for Facebook and Twitter allowing customisation on the images and posts which allows social cards to be easily set up using the meta data. This is a great feature as trying to implement this manually would be a tricky task for an amateur.

☆ Key Benefit: One feature that you will enjoy is the plugins tool that automatically generates meta tags, titles for search engines helping to save time. However, you are always in full control…all the settings can be overridden to suit what is trying to be achieved.


✘ It does not offer as much beginner support as its competitors…meaning that it may take longer for a new started to get to grips with it, but for experts this shouldn’t be a problem.

✘  It does not give a measurable score for posts so progress and achievements cannot be tracked. However, looking on the bright side… having scores can create an unnecessary fixation on the posts or pages numerical success score and can reduce the focus on what’s actually working.


Overall, All In One SEO appears to be a strong contender and presents itself as a great SEO plugin to fill many of the gaps WordPress does not fill. This plugin is also well established and could be the only plugin used to help optimise SEO.




Yoast logo for seo wordpress plugin comparison Yoast:

An overview of Yoast…

Yoast is another very popular WordPress plugin amongst SEO experts. 



✓  Yoast is a fantastic plugin for a new starter as it is one of the best plugins for a ‘handheld’ experience as a result of Yoast’s helpful wizard.

✓  One important tip is that you can never be complacent with SEO, it requires daily checks to ensure the optimal content is always present on posts to ensure top rankings.

✓  Yoast has a ‘metabox content analysis’ tool which offers guidance. It uses scores to determine how well content is doing. This is based on factors such as the length of posts and the keyword content. This feature can be used to help keep you on track.

✓  If you are willing to spend money on your plugin you could benefit from features that allow you to stop search engines from following or indexing posts or pages. This gives you the ability to determine what Google acknowledges giving you the control.

✓  The premium version also has a social icon that allows social integration, thus reducing the complexity of this plugin. A word of warning though…it is not recommended that beginners use the advanced version of this plugin as it requires a deeper understanding to get the most out of it.

☆  Key Benefit: The snippet preview and focused key field function serve as an important auditing tool to ensure the production of superior content, giving you some guidelines to help you achieve the best results. 



✘  Although a beginner may find the support Yoast offers helpful an expert may get frustrated with this plugin as it tries to dictate what should be done a lot of the time.

✘  The analysis tool scores are based on a set of rules that Yoast has created rather than focusing the user based results. This may lead you in the wrong direction…remember that just because Yoast says something is good doesn’t mean Google does.


Overall, Yoast is a comprehensive plugin that offers support and guidance. It also gives good analytic tools and has a vast amount of features that will help greatly in supporting SEO activities.


4/5 ☆



SEO Platinum Pack:

An overview of SEO Platinum Pack….

SEO Platinum Pack has some good features that help optimise SEO. One of the most important features is the 301 redirection for permalink change, this creates a better user experience and is important for your website navigation. 



✓  This plugin has Canonical URLS which stop duplication, this stops users getting frustrated and confused whilst using the webpage.

✓  All content (for example meta descriptions, meta keywords) can easily be changed, allowing you to optimise them specifically.

✓  It automatically generates SEO relevant meta tags, saving time that can be spent in other ways.

☆  Key Benefit: It has already been touched upon but 301 redirection is very important. SEO Platinum Pack seemly focuses on allowing content to be managed and moved to ensure users can navigate around your webpage with ease.



✘  Granted, SEO Platinum Pack does have some good features but it does not have a lot of features, other plugins would need to be used along side this plugin.

✘  SEO Platinum Pack is not very well established in comparison to many other plugins, therefore its credibility could be questioned.


Overall, this plugin does have some good user experiences based features that can help you with your SEO optimisation, however their are better plugins out there with much more helpful features included as part of the package.





SEO Ultimate:seo wordpress plugin ultimate logo

An overview of SEO Ultimate…

This is a free plugin that is the good choice for many as it gives a high level of control and flexibility to its users. 



✓  It is free of charge unlike many other available. Therefore, it is one of the more attractive plugins if you are not looking to invest in plugins to help optimise SEO.

✓  SEO Ultimate gives its users the ability to add rich snippet codes that can bring more traffic and visibility to their webpage.

✓  There is also a social media option (most only offer this in premium/advanced versions) that automatically generates open graphs making a smoother user experience.

☆  Key Benefit: SEO Ultimate gives you full authority over content to ensure the greatest amount of click throughs are being obtained as the content is specific. 



✘  It is one of the more complex plugins and for a beginner it would not be recommended for a beginner.

✘  SEO Ultimate does not have as many features as other plugins offer, therefore it wouldn’t be recommended highly.


Overall, this plugin offers a fairly comprehensive and versatile set of features that would help to improve your ability to optimise SEO and is a good package but is not as good as many other offered.




SEO Pressor:  wordpress plugin seo pressor logo

An overview of SEO Pressor…

This plugin is has a range of different tools that can be used to optimise views and offers a basic understanding of SEO. 



✓  The most recognised feature of SEO Pressor is the keyword analysis tool. This tool finds long tail (more specific) keywords searched and creates scores for pages. The score allows the long tailed keywords to be trialled to see which are working better than others.

☆  Key Benefit: This plugin has the ability to assigns internal links based upon the keyword which can be a helpful time saving activity thus allowing attention to be focused elsewhere.



✘  Although the automatic smartlink feature may seem helpful, links need to be optimised carefully and with purpose otherwise they can appear random and lead to a bad user experience.

✘  The analysis tool scores are based on what the plugin believes creates a most advantageous metadata not what users and search engines might actually rank on. Therefore caution must be taken when using this plugin…remember to focus on what is actually successful.

✘ SEO Pressor does not give a great deal of support and is not as clearly set out as other plugins available.


Overall, although SEO Pressor has a good analysis tool that can be helpful users must be cautious. Moreover other plugins would need to be used along side this one.





WP Meta SEO:

An overview of WP Meta SEO…

The most significant feature of this plugin is its bulk processing function. Although this plugin has advantageous features it is less popular due to the plugin being comparatively less extensive in terms of its features.



✓  A huge perk of WP Meta SEO is the time saving SEO processing feature which reduces time needed to carry out tasks, for example editing post/page content or images meta. Editing posts can be a very exhausting and lengthy process so this feature allows the user to focus on other potentially more important tasks.

✓  The plugin will redirect 404 errors so they do not become an inconvenient and annoying problem for website users.

☆  Key Benefit: The breadcrumb generator which helps to create links that make the users navigation around your webpage with ease.



✘  Bulk processing may lead to errors, attention to detail is important when your aiming to achieve the best outcomes.

✘  It doesn’t have all rounded features that other plugins have.

✘  To carry out SEO well you would need more than just this plugin to optimise SEO effectively.


Overall, WP SEO has a great bulk processing feature which has time saving benefits but it does not feature many of the tools other more extensive plugins have. 


3/5 ☆



seo wordpress plugin squirrly logo

SEO Squirrly:

An overview of SEO Squirrly…

This plugin creates human/user friendly content that aims to keep the user engaged along with other features and is a fairly good SEO WordPress plugin. 



✓  The plugin offers support in the form of a ‘search bot friend’ that helps users stay engaged thus leading to better search engine rankings.

✓  Squirrly creates a weekly audit whereby the plugin finds the best keywords looking your site then create the highest level of traffic so they can be used.

✓  It offers real time advice, giving a tick list advising what the content created is lacking.

✓  Alerts are sent by email if something needs urgent attention.

✓  It has a social feature which automatically creates open graphs, which is otherwise hard to construct.

✓  Squirrly is specifically designed to helps someone who doesn’t know much about plugins thus it offers support.

☆ Key Benefit: This plugin helps create content that seems human…it is ‘human friendly’. Therefore, content does not appear robotic.



✘  Other plugins would be necessary to ensure the best optimisation is being carried out, it wouldn’t be enough on its own.

✘  Just like many of the other plugins that offer some form of auditing, recommendations are based on what Squirrly thinks is the best content, this may not be that what search engines such as Google might suggest.

✘  This plugin could make you complacent and reliant on alerts. SEO needs to be constantly checked, it should not be left to the plugin to message you if something goes wrong. However, if you are checking along side the alerts it is an advantage.




All of the WordPress SEO Plugins have features that can help to optimise SEO however in out opinion and with out experience here at SEO Silly we recommend that it is better to use one that has all the features that you  need rather than many that do smaller jobs.

Therefore, both All In One SEO and Yoast are the best plugins in our opinion as they contain the most extensive features, they are the most well established and they have the best ratings.

However, there can only be one winner!

The winner in our opinion is All In One SEO, this is because:

  1. It offers support for a beginner but does not do everything for you.
  2. It does not have a measure your content…therefore it does not allow to to rely on a score it makes you understand exactly what achieves success.
  3. The plugin has a very well set out and clear set out therefore it does not create unnecessary confusion.
  4. Unlike many other plugins it has a free e-commerce integration…this is very rare and extremely helpful.
  5. It has social features which is otherwise tricky to manage.
  6. It automatically generates content for you such as meta tags but you have full control therefore any content can easily be changed and any features can be switched off and on.



Hear from an expert!

“All-in-One SEO plugin, both pro and free version have been at the core of the majority of our WordPress website SEO successes, therefore leading me to only recommend the plugin to anyone using WordPress. SEO is a trial and error business when the basics don’t work and once I find a semi-mouldable formula, I tend to stick to this for the main reason that I follow a ‘don’t mess with what works’ attitude. From an expert POV, it’s straight-forward and clear-cut with no opinion based features involved(no word count is going give you clear insight to why you’re not ranking – 400 or 2000 words, it really doesn’t matter – it’s what the user wants that does), which is the main reason we tend to swerve Yoast.”  – Jordan Beer.

Hey, All-in-One only just gets you started, here are a few other cheeky recommendations:

• WP Rocket(make it work for your site or fail!)

• Imagify(or do it yourself for ultimate results)

• Breadcrumb NavXT(if compatible and not already built in!)

By Natasha Freshwater, SEO Silly.

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