Oliver’s previous post back in 2013 covered why Google might give an extra nudge in the search results and why it did(still does). There is no doubt we saw particularly amazing results with our projects. Google have now publicly revealed they have been testing and essentially explain why they might prefer websites secured with encryption. (See post by Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes)

It’s a good tip for now, you are required by most to be using this especially in e-commerce or online payment situations anyway.

Why will it loose value?

It’s simple. Does it require skills? No, you ‘purchase’ one from your hosting provider, install it and you’re away (it’s not that simple, please take advice when doing this if you are not equipped with the knowledge!).

What i’m trying to say is that, it’s like everything else in the search algorithm over history. When everyone can do it, over time it loses its value for the obvious reason that essentially money (£25 for the cheapest one on average*) can buy you better search rankings.

*estimated on experience,not factual.

My 3 year outlook from now.

• Year 1- 10% of  real websites pick up on it

• Year 2- 30% of real websites

• Year 3- 75-80% …
food for thought? What do you think…
2016 Update:
It looks like I underestimated the percentages but now 2 years on I think at least 50% of SEO campaigns now involve a website with an SSL.
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